Yldarb Daeh (yldarb) wrote,
Yldarb Daeh


the last time i actually wrote anything in this thing was a while ago, and a lot has changed since then. for those i don't really talk to and don't know, i have moved out of the landings and i have been staying in shacktown with my mexican friend Alma Ibanez till i move to california march 30th. I have paid for my flight and E-Z movers is moving all my stuff for $800, i am in the process of planning some kind of going away party or what not, but im pretty bad at planning things like that... so im trying to hang with some people before i leave.

ohh and im fucking pissed off that Angels of Light is playing a show in chicago april 11th. i will be out west by that time. michael gira never plans any real tours... and the only one i know about is that one in chicago.

thank you Betsy & Reena for having me over your little shin-dig last night.
don't forget super monkey ball bitches
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