Yldarb Daeh (yldarb) wrote,
Yldarb Daeh

OK the "Heart Attack" story

I SOOOOOOOOO don't want to do this here, but i feel maybe if you find out and then see this you will NOT ask me; when, what, and how this all happened.

on Valentines Day I drove myself to the ER because I had a Myocardial Infraction which is also called a "Heart Attack" yeah i know... how could this happened? when I am a vegetarian, and I do not do drugs. well the doctors still don't know how this happened, all they know is that it was genetics (my dads side all have bad hearts). I am Healthy and my blood is good. but there was damage when the Heart Attack happened, it tore some tissue on the pericardium which is a sac the covers the heart. In the back of my heart I had a heart inflation, so they had to do a surgical procedure and stick a hole in my inner top leg (close to my DICK) and shove some tubes and wires all the way through my leg up into my heart to see if i had any blocked veins.
it was all good.
They said another thing that causes heart attacks is slow red blood cells and they said i would have to drink red wine or a lot of all natural grape juice to keep the red blood cells moving fast. that's what the problem is in my family. i guess it could of been worse, they said it was a good thing that i did'nt eat meat or smoke & drink, it could of been real bad. my little brother heart got real fucked up when he was 19. well the only meat recommended was fish, but i meet a girl that said their is a lot of good natural herbal substitutes. so i will check that out.

but yeah don't worry Im OK now. my leg is the only thing bothering me.
it sucks because i am missing a lot of work and im moving in 5 weeks.
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